Porto dos Sentidos

Adega da Casa do Conde de Sabrosa

Restaurante, Cervejaria, Pub & Diner

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38°47'27.51" N - 9°22'51.92" W

Open every day.


The Concept

Porto dos Sentidos is located in São Pedro de Sintra, on the way to Pena Palace. Is Casa do Conde de Sabrosa former winery.


Ample and surprising, Porto dos Sentidos serves food inspired by typical Portuguese flavors.

Has several different spaces: the old former winery, the relaxed outdoor pateo and the pub. 


Do not miss the grilled specialities such as the extraordinary Iberian Pork Ribs and the tasty White Veal or Lamb Chops. Try also the Grilled Marlin Fish.

We also keep a special emphasis on the traditional 'Alheira' and the north of Portugal dish  ´Codfish à Minhota'.


An amazing choice of wines, makes Porto dos Sentidos a memorable experience.

Porto dos Sentidos is the ideal place to dine or snack in the beautiful and romantic portuguese village of Sintra.



A varied menu with meat dishes, codfish and vegan dishes.


In Vino We Trust. Special wines for special meals.


A Divine Menu to follow....

Porto dos Sentidos

Highlights of saison menu

Regional Olives

Traditional Roast Chorizo with Bread 

Bacalhau à Minhota, tradicional Codfish dish from the North of Portugal

Grilled Iberian Pork Ribs

Grilled Veal Chop

Barbecued Lamb Chop

Breaded Chicken breast fillet with Provence Herbs

Vegetarian Vol-au-Vent (Vegan)

Pão-de-Ló, traditional cake


Family and cozy atmosphere,


The best alheira in Portugal, and an excellent wine list. Not to mention that dinner in the dim light of the environment leaves a more romantic mood. I love it.


Barretos - São Paulo, Brasil.

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Porto dos Sentidos
Tipical portuguese desert
Outdoors tiles
Pena Palace
Pena Palace Balcony
Tipical portuguese desert
Porto dos Sentidos, yellow room
Main room, Adega Conde de Sabrosa
Detail, main room
Portuguese tiles
Diner room
Porto dos Sentidos, Beer